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Things Don’t Just Happen – Important Trivialities

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Things Don't Just Happen - Important Trivialities

Things Don’t Just Happen – Important Trivialities

Things Don’t Just Happen -There are questions only the Omniscient God can answer. Who is right? Should we or should we not? Is it safe? What i know however is this, when you set your heart out to do something, you usher nature to go into conspiracy just to support your course no matter what. The details of that conspiracy to help you, you can’t always know or dictate, but you must trust that everything works for your good and whatever interpretation you give to every event in your life might work for you.

A daily Mail articles ran the story of a few people on September 11, 2015. One man was surprised to see himself miss the bus for work. “How could this be, the bus usually arrives five minutes late and it’s five minutes early today.” Another man also recounted how he had to wait his turn for his early morning coffee because of the unusually large numbers in the coffee shop which meant he was going to get to work late.

Things Usually Happen For A Reason

A woman who had a new pair of stilettos found it hurting her feet and had to get to a store around town to get to work late. A man who picked up a quarrel with his wife the previous night and could not get things sorted out before going to bed found the next morning that the wife had left home for work very early, meaning he will have to drop the kids at school before going to work – the same story he’s going to work late.

Another man who was promoted at his work was due to take some photos in his new office as the company’s policy stated only to realize half way through the journey to work that the shirt he wore was stained. It meant that he’d have to return home to change it and call to inform his colleagues that he was going t be late for work.

Important Trivialities

These people were all irritated because they were going to get to work late. Some readers and those who hear these stories will ask “what is so significant about having to join a long queue in a coffee shop, go back home to change a stained shirt, send the kids to school, change stilettos route to work, and missing a bus for work?” Much of the stories in the Bible about God’s intervention the life of Israel were achieved through the agency of small and insignificant things and people. Thus St. Paul in a more picturesque way says; “But God chose the contemptible things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things- and the things that are not- to nullify the things that are.” (1 Cor. 1:27-8; NIV)

It was by staff that the Red Sea was parted, it was through Rahab’s help that the scouts were able to have access to required information about the walled city of Jericho, it was through the young lad David that Israel knew peace after years of living in fear of the Philistine giant Goliath.

Only God Predicts What Happen And Why It Happens At A Time

Think about the story of Job. He had a lot to deal with, far greater in magnitude, than the story of these men- he lost his health, his children and his possessions. He had every reason to be angry and bitter but he considered the greater picture. It is only the one (God) who holds the bigger picture that can predict the smaller details that must happen for the bigger to be possible. This is the reason why to interpret life events as a communication of the Supernatural to man. For instance, let the calabash that is to serve palm wine for a young Lady’s suitor fall right before the lady hands it over to her suitor.

Make your mind up to travel on a business venture or on an important journey, and just before you set off, you kick a stone and fall. Some people will rise from the fall and continue, but for others it is a sign that some thing not okay is awaits them and so they would abandon the journey.

Story Of Joseph For Example Shows Why Things Happens

In the story of Joseph (Genesis 37 on wards), we can establish the following facts;

His father loved him very much, he made for him a coat of many colors, he had dreams that pointed to the fact that one day he would be head/leader over his older brothers- how he would get there or become a leader, the dream does not reveal it, but we know that his brothers did all they could to make sure he the dream don’t come true.

Well, we all know how the story ended. We all know how one trivial and unfortunate event led to the other until the big picture was painted. But pay attention to what he says at the end. But now do not be distressed and do not reproach yourself for having sold me here. It was really for the sake of saving lives that God sent me ahead of you…., God, therefore, sent me to save your lives in an extraordinary deliverance. Gen 45:5-7. NIV

In conclusion

The end made perfect sense even though the details were imperfect in the eyes of men. There was never a day Joseph thought that his dreams won’t happen, yet he had to go through all he went through to get there. Every detail of your life is important. You either allow it to prepare you for a fulfilled life or propel you to your doom. The mere fact that it does not make sense now, does not mean it has no sense in it or it would never make sense.

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