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Some Ways God Speaks To Us : Things You Should Know

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Some Ways God Speaks To Us : Things  You Should Know

Some Ways God Speaks To Us : Things You Should Know

In our contemporary era, it is very easy for humanity, especially Christians, to be evaded by the presence of God speaks in this world. Many Christians looking at the way God manifested himself amidst clouds, thunder and lighting in the past, think God does not exist or speak to us anymore. Some perhaps think He has become an “old man” who cannot manifest Himself the way he did in the past especially as we read from the Old Testament.

The voice of God silently speaks to our hearts and minds every day in every way but because our environment is physically polluted with noise and spiritually by sin, we are unable to listen to this sweet, gentle and powerful voice of God in our lives. God is immortal and He is invisibly present among us. He never stops speaking to us or gives up on us even though we fall mostly to make time to listen to Him.

In What Ways Does God Speak To Us?

First and foremost, God speaks to us through Sacred Scriptures. In the past, he spoke to our ancestors many times and in many ways through the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us through his son (Heb. 1:1-2). There are many people who think Sacred Scriptures is just an ordinary book and they read it as such. For some, it is just a book full of stories in which the characters in there are mythical. Some too after gaining some knowledge in biblical studies reduce the sacred scripture to nothing but a literature book.

They lose the divine reality of the sacred scriptures. Some also read the Bible and think that whatever is in there is pointing to the other whatever is in there is pointing to the other person and not him/her hence , such a person only takes away the speck from others eyes while he has a log. On the other hand, if we read the sacred scripture and reflect on it we shall experience transformation in our lives (2 Timothy 3:16-17 and Heb. 4:12).

Secondly, God Speaks To Us In Prayer

In our prayers, we must allow God to be God and allow his will to be done in our lives. Always make time to hear God’s voice in your prayer.

Thirdly, God speaks to us through his ordained ministers, The priest remains an agent of God’s mission. He is a representative of God among us and represents us before God in spirit. Like the prophets of old such as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and others, God inspires his ordained ministers through the proclamation of the word to communicate his love and mercy to His people.

Unfortunately, because many people have become used to deacons, priests and bishops either as brothers or friends They fail to see them as representatives of God and consequently, devalue the message of God that comes from them. No matter how close a person is to an ordained minister, one must know that God still speaks to us through them about our lives as it happened to Samuel (1 Samuel 3:6-10).

Fourthly God Speaks To Us Through Our Parents

God speaks to us through our parents, relatives and friends. This is one medium that can easily elude us because these are people we are too familiar with. God, who is no respecter of persons, can use anybody if He identifies such a person to be fit for a particular mission as we see in the life of Jonah, Mary and other figures in Scripture.

In so many ways God uses our Family, especially our parents, to speak to us. No wonder God attached a promise to the fourth commandment for those who obey it (Ex 20:1-17). Our parents who are our first Evangelizes in the “domestic church” have a great responsibility in the foundations our spiritual life.

We, as the gospel puts it, must be like little children no matter our age or status to listen to this voice of God in our parents. In 1 Samuel 20, we read how God spoke through Jonathan to David to save him from King Saul. As friends we are called to help ourselves physically and spiritually. We must be bold to accept the voice of God in our friends. When we do this we indeed listen to voice of God. We can also not ignore the voice of God in our siblings.

Lastly God Speaks To Us In Nature

God speaks to us in nature (Psalm 97:6). The create order manifests and reveals God to us in so many ways. Nature teaches us about God and expresses His love and care for humanity in silence (Amos 4:13). God speaks to us voicelessly like a deaf and dumb person who communicates without words or sound. One can only understand this deaf and dumb by interpreting the signs and symbols used by such a person.

The scripture urges us to go to the ant, ponder her ways, and grow wise (cf. Proverbs 6:6). The fact that rain fails on both the good and the bad, speaks of God’s love for all (Matt. 5:45). The fact that earth has not stopped produced food or the sea stopped producing fish must speak to us of the providence of God. We have the task of understanding the symbols of nature, interpret them and ultimately come to faith.

In conclusion

It must be noted that there are many other ways through which God speaks to us which have not been discussed here. We have to know that as far as the world exists, God continues to speak to his creatures. We fail to recognize the voice of God, the true shepherd. And so we rather listen to other voices that are not of God.

To be in an intimate relationship with God, we must make some time every day before Him in the Blessed Sacrament. Visit Him and spend some time with him prayer. God is closer to you than you think. God speaks to us unceasingly in silence. But we are always there in the noise in and around us and consequently. We think He does not exist, Let no one deceive you that God has ceased speaking to us, else you will revealing Himself to us.

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