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Family Relations And Mission Of Jesus – A Model For Family And Vocation

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Family Relations And Mission Of Jesus - A  Model For Family And Vocation

Family Relations And Mission Of Jesus – A Model For Family And Vocation

As Christians we know who Jesus is.He is the son of God whose origin has nothing to do with a relationship between a man and a woman. We profess in our faith that He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary. From the Gospel narratives, we read in one version that Mary was given in marriage to Joseph, but before they came to live together, she was found to be the child, who was from the Holy Spirit (Mt 1:18-20).

Luke’s version has it that the angel appeared to Mary with the message before the conception (L k 1:26-35). The apostle Paul also tells us of the birth of Jesus in relation to Mary (Gal 4:4). Although Joseph is not the biological father of Jesus, his name appears in the genealogy of Jesus presented by both Matthew (1:1-16) and Luke (3:23-38). This shows that Jesus belonged to a family and this family relates to Jesus at various points in the course of his life and ministry.

We shall touch and discuss a few of such instances Below :-

1. Infancy Narratives

In the infancy narratives about Jesus, from Matthew and Luke, we hear only of Mary, the mother, and Joseph the father. In these stories, we can say that the parents are presented as showing much love, care and concern for the child Jesus through suffering and pain. Matthew narrates how king Herod the Great sought to kill the child, so the parents had to travel with him to Egypt for safety, until the death of the king (Mt 2:1-23). Luke’s version enlightens us about the cultural observance of the parents in forty days old, the parents, according to the demands of the “Law of Moses”, brought him into the Temple for the rite of purification bringing along the required sacrifices.

We experience the identity and the mission of Jesus, and the consequences of the life and mission of Jesus on the parents, especially Mary his mother: a sword will pierce her own soul too (Lk 2:22-39). Again Luke reports that at the age of twelve, Jesus accompanied his parents to Jerusalem for the Passover Feast. He got lost, and they looked for him and found him busy with the work on his Father. His respond to their question to him looked unpleasant, but the parents time, Luke reports that Jesus stayed with his parents at Nazareth until he was thirty years when he began his missionary ministry (L k 3:23).

2. The Period Of Jesus Mission

The relatives of Jesus are mentioned also in the course of his missionary activities. It is not easy to arrange the missionary activities of Jesus in order from the accounts of all the four with relations of Jesus is the marriage feast of Cana in Galilee from the Gospel according to John. Here we hear only of Mary, the mother of Jesus at the celebration, who played an important intercessory role at the ceremony. The wine at the celebration got finished and she told Jesus about it, and eventually Jesus performed his first sign or miracle and revealed his glory, and his disciples believed in him.

After this we find Jesus in the synagogue of Nazareth where his relatives come to the question. According to Luke this takes place at the beginning of Jesus ministry (4:16-30). He returns to the synagogue of Nazareth after his baptism and temptation. He reads the prophet Isaiah and interprets the text of anointing of the Spirit and mission as a prophecy fulfilled in him. Those present were amazed and asked: Is not this Joseph’s son? Matthew and Mark place the episode, not at the beginning, but in the course of the ministry. Jesus teaches in the source of his wisdom and miraculous powers, because they know him and his relatives (Mk 6:1-6; Mt 13:53-58).

Jesus encounters his relatives again in the course of his mission

Jesus encounters his relatives again in the course of his mission, but somehow in negative situations. The Gospel according to Mark reports that after Jesus had chosen the twelve, he went home. There was so much crowd coming to him and his apostles that they did not have time even to eat. It is reported that his family thought, He has gone out of his mind (Mk 3:21). This is following by the story of the scribes accusing Jesus of possessing evil spirit. Later we hear that Jesus was at home teaching, and his relatives came looking for him (Mk 3:31).

From this flow of thought, one can imagine that Jesus relatives decided he was crazy, went to fetch him, and were rebuffed in favor of those who sat around him listening to his word. Matthew and Luke also report this story of relatives looking for Jesus (Mt 12:46-50; L k 8:19-21), but with no issue of Jesus going out of his mind, John presents a situation of unbelief of the brothers of Jesus in Him.

3 Death And Resurrection

We hear of some relatives of Jesus in the accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection, according to traditional and biblical accounts. From the Stations of the Cross, we hear of the presence of Mary and of her involvement in the very end of the life of the Son. There is even an additional information that she accompanied the body to the tomb for the burial. From the biblical point of view we can look at two passages. The first has to do with the death of Christ and this is from John. John presents a situation of the presence of the family of Jesus at the foot of his cross before his death. We hear of the mother of Jesus, Her sister, Mary and the disciple (John) to each other as mother and son, and disciple took Mary to his house (John 19:25-27).

Although we have come to know of a situation where the brothers of Jesus are reported to have demonstrate no faith in him, the accounts of the Acts of the Apostles help us to know that there was a change. After the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus they and the mother Mary were together with the apostles and other believers preparing for the descent of the Holy Spirit. We know from Luke’s tradition that, during the first council of the Church in Jerusalem James was the head of community. The New Testament also contains letters written by James and Jude.

Summary And Conclusion

This is an attempted survey of the role of the relatives of Christ lord in his life and ministry. Can this be of help to us in recent times in terms of our vocation and ministry? How much are our relatives or family members involved in the promotion of our vocation and how many they accompany us in our ministry? How many of us priests, religious and seminarians experienced our vocations through the fact that our parents encouraged us to be actively involved in the life of the Church. Many Catholic parents of today may not even have control over the religious lives of their wards.

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