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Sin And Ontological Deformity Of The Soul Of Humanity in Human Being

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Sin And Ontological Deformity Of The Soul Of Humanity in Human Being

Sin And Ontological Deformity Of The Soul Of Humanity in Human Being

Man from the very origin of creation was made in the image and likeness of God {Gen 1:26). This God is holy and Isaiah makes it explicit in his vision of the song and adoration of the Seraphs that God is holy, holy, holy (Isaiah 6:3). Holiness therefore forms the basic quality of God. God, accordingly, created man in his own image, giving him this essential character – “Holiness”. Man therefore was thus made in what the church calls “Sanctifying Grace” or “Original Sanctity”.

it is obvious, then, that God did not intend man to sin or live in a sinful state. For he would contradict himself to be a being of holiness and a being of sin at the same time. Nevertheless, man out of selfish desire and ambition to be like God, (Gen 3: 4-7) disobeyed this perfect Being, sinned against him and fell from the state of grace, original justice and holiness. Man thus, was as a relation to His grace. Sins deprived man of sanctifying grace which means the utter absence of the Holy Spirit, ultimately the absence of God.

Sin in Human Being Against God Separate Man and God

Sin therefore, is the total or partial alienation from God. Man through sin is partially alienated from God when he commits venial sin but by committing mortal sin he is totally separated from God. This alienation consequently, affects negatively the ontological and metaphysical nature of the soul of man, robbing it of its beauty and splendor, for Paul, sin entered the world through one man (Romans 5:12) and the first man sort of received a “generational sanctity” for himself and the entire human race. As a result, by his sin, all human beings have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Sin therefore taints, disfigures and even deforms the one who does it. Again, by our fallen nature, man is wounded with concupiscence i.e the inclination to sin and emotions run always ahead of our reason and easily plunges us into sin. With the occasion of sin, man ordinarily thinks of gratifying himself, relegating the repercussion of sin to background. Yet, sin is the greatest enemy of man and apparently, no human being is happy beholding always his enemy or adversary.

Nonetheless, the followers of Christ who call themselves Christians cling so much to their enemy (sin) who disfigures and deforms their very essence (soul) either by staining it with filth (venial sin) or secluding it absolutely from God through mortal sin. Sin therefore is a “perilous poison” to the soul of man.

The Beauty And Dignity Of The Soul In The State Of Grace Is inexpressible And indescribable. Sin, However, Strips off Such Beauty And With It, Man Lose Even The Beatific Vision Of God.

For St. Augustine, the whole purpose of life in time is to gain merit for life in eternity. So, the lord will ask: what profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Man is ever restless without God, for he is our maker and creator. It is an undeniable fact that all over the world, many people profess faith in God. They however, love sin, which is a hostile power to them in this pilgrimage on earth. This is absurd and ridiculous.

Sin devastates the “Heavenly Garden”, a garden of beautiful flowers and inestimable fragrance in our soul ( Joseph Mathias). When we lose holy charity and all its court, when we spur the promptings of Holy Spirit and the Spirit Himself, when we reject the God and the prerogatives of his friendship, and when we squander the fruits of the Sacraments, in a word, when we lose God by sin this Beautiful Heavenly Garden is burnt and damage.

A great misfortune therefore befalls us whenever we sin especially by committing moral sin. But who considers this misfortune? Who grieves over it? (Joseph Mathias). Human beings who call themselves Christians day in and day out continue to swim in sin and God. In proverbs 8:36, the text says: But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul; all those that hate me love death. From this the simple deduction could be made that sin either wounds the soul (venial sin), or leads it to eternal damnation (mortal sin).

The definition of sin by Paul in his letter to the Galatia People

For Paul, in his letter to the people in Galatia, the works of the flesh are obvious: fornication, impurity, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, anger carousing and he warns them, those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. Sin has no Good end for man, it only grieves our souls and leads us to doom. it must be noted that the disfigurement of the soul does not in any way effect the physical beauty of a person. Oh man, trust not in your physical health and beauty and think that your soul is also pure.

There should be no deception here, our outward nature and qualities do not gain us any merit, for Jesus, all good or bad come from within. You may be physically beautiful and healthy but your soul can be spiritually ugly, sick or even dead. So, St Paul advises that we live by the spirit and do not gratify the desires of the flesh.

When we do evil, we cleave to things against the light of reason and divine love. Man is obviously weakened in his will due to original sin and is inclined to corruptible and transient things than the eternal love of God. But this is no excuse for punishment due to sin because God’s grace abounds for all and everyone has the free will to act and react. Man, therefore, is responsible for his actions because of this freedom. Human beings must therefore fear sin for it is a great monster prowling round like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Sin only leaves us with pain, sorrow and suffering in the life hereafter if we are eternally separated from God. Why don’t you be wise Oh man and cleave to holiness and the grace of God in order to enjoy the beatific vision of God somebody.

Holiness and the Virtue we human being deserved

Holiness is a virtue that all humanity must desire because it is the advocate that will answer and plead for us before the judgment seat of God. The law of nutrition, hunger,flavor and the delight of the palate are God’s arrangements for insuring the taking of proper food to repair the waste and supply the growth of the body. Break this law; eat for the sake of pleasing the palate or increasing sociability, then indigestion, sleeplessness at night and sluggishness by day. In a similar vein, the gift of life is to aid us gain heaven. We are therefore to eat holiness to achieve this end; eat sin eternal damnation (Hell) will follow because nothing unclean shall enter heaven(Rev 21:27). God wishes our souls to be noble and attain eternal life with him but sin makes us ignoble, hurtful to others and wretched. it deforms, enfeebles and mars our being.

In conclusion, Once again, do not be deceived of the “sweetness”of doing evil. it only renders your beautiful and splendid soul ugly and gives you pain in hell. Sin is lurking at your door, Oh man, its desire is for you, but you must master it. (Gen 4:7). Let all men corporate with the grace of God through prayer, self denial and also flee from the near occasion of sin. Let us frequent the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. With this, we can rest secure in bosom of God here on earth and come to enjoy His beatific vision in the life hereafter, for his grace is sufficient for all.

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