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Can Man Say No To God The Creator? Reveal The Details

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Can Man Say  No To God The Creator? Reveal The Details

Can Man Say No To God?

Everything created or brought into being has a beginning. I argue that man’s fellowship is purposeful and authentic only if it centered on God. This is affirmed by the inference made of the scriptural passage, “for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” (Cf. Eccl. 3: 1-8).

Similar, we can think of an ontological commencement of man’s desire to follow God. The fellowship of God begins as part of the the world’s creation. Various schools of thoughts ranging from the scopes of science to religion present an attempt to explain the existence of the world. The theory school of thought also makes its headway emphasizing the theory of creationism, that is, creation of the world by God.

Creationism Of Man By God

In creationism, God as creator calls everything into being particularly man. The act of ‘calling into being’ projects the concept of two-way model of communication. Man is called into being not just as an entity but to give some form of response to that superior Being form of response to that superior being who brings him into existence.

Hence, it becomes natural in such a communication that there should be response to the call. With such established principles, then the calling of man into being by God requires a response. Thus, saying no is not within his nature lest the deprives himself of fulfillment.

God in creation, with wisdom and creativity endowed man with intellect and the power of will. These two essential parts of his human nature inevitably cause man to crave for and go in search of perfection and fulfillment. The free will and the intellect distinguish us from other creatures. In the search for perfection and fulfillment, the intellect searches not only within man but the environment also. God not wanting man to lose his way leaves clues within creation. This is expressed by the church in the dogmatic constitution, “God, who creates and conserves all things by his word, provides men with constant evidence of himself in created realities (Rom. 1:19 – 20).”

knowledge of man is not absolute

It is worth nothing that the knowledge of man is not absolute. His understanding of his very self and his environment is limited. The complexity of the external and internal environment, the cosmic composition of his reality attests to this assertion. Yet, man must attain perfection and fulfillment in all things for it is within his nature.

He must become whole. This wholeness is only possible within his fellowship with his creator. Those unable to make meaning out of the theory interpretation and solution turn to the empirical sciences and atheistic philosophies for fulfillment. Admire all these, their insatiability is not quenched but rather aggravated since they draw farther away from the polarizing Truth.

Nature Of Man After The Creation By God

Again, from the perspective of man’s will, he constantly wills the good. In choosing, it has been established by philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle that men by nature will the good. However, like the intellect, the ability to pursue the good poses as a mystery to man because his choice is not absolute. He sometimes perceives the good but carries out the otherwise (cf. Romans 7:15). The diversity of choice in the same instance makes it even more difficult. Therefore, consciously or unconsciously he probes to find the Absolute Good from which his goodness can be complete.

In my opinion, the obvious solution for man’s pursuit for wholeness is fellowship with God, who is fulfillment of man’s nature; that is to say that in approaching God, our finality and absoluteness, man finds himself. In the words of St. Augustine from his confessions, “man truly knows himself when he knows his prime origin and ultimate end. The life of every man has its beginning in God’s creative act and concludes this temporal cause with a return to God.

Concluding with the thoughts, state categorically that man’s fellowship is purposeful and authentic only if it is theory. Man’s foundation is in God. Without following Him, we develop a more growing insatiability and non fulfillment. It now dawns on us to follow in the direction of God because we are naturally created to follow him. Thus, man cannot say “NO” to God

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