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Importance Of Music And Singing In The Liturgy

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Importance Of Music And Singing In The Liturgy

Importance Of Music And Singing In The Liturgy

Music that blends both spiritual and artistic excellence, is liturgical – it sacred. Such music has the ability to cultivate, strengthen, and deepen the spiritual experience of those gathered for worship. The musical tradition of the church is a treasure of immeasurable value. liturgical music never dominates, but serves. sacred music imparts spiritual truth to one’s mind, heart, and soul.

It displays a dimension of meaning and feeling that mere words cannot – Music makes prayer more pleasing, promotes a sense of congregational unity, and confers greater solemnity upon the sacred rites. when deciding which parts of the Mass are to be sung, preference is given to those which the priest, one of his assistants, or a cantor is to sing in alternation with the people, or which all are sing together.

Singing is an expression of joy – St. Paul exhorts the faithful assembled in expectation of their lord’s return to sing together. He says, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly.., singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.” Our relationship with God is one of love, and whether we sing loudly or softly, on pitch or out of tune, sing! St. Augustine very rightly says that, “it is natural for a lover to sing.”

The General instruction of Roman missal recalls the old proverb, “One who sings prays twice.” – This reminds us that our music and singing at worship is not entertainment or background music for our prayer we make, it also gives a unique expression to our prayer that words alone cannot achieve. Consider, for example, the Alleluia we sing before hearing the Gospel.

The Gloria that we sing in the introductory rites of the mass

Merely saying this acclamation of praise does not easily convey the joy and strength of our prayer at that point, but the Gloria that we sing in the introductory rites of the mass is another example of hymn of praise–made to be sung, not recited.

Music for the liturgy, therefore, must breathe the air of the sacred. It should not be assertive, it should not advertise its own cleverness or tunefulness. it should not be noisy. The best qualities of sacred music have also been the most enduring in the history of church: pure melodies, modesty, and reverence. The moment that people become preoccupied with the music whether in singing it with gusto or hearing it performed by choir- the music ministry has, in a very important sense, failed in its purpose.

Music That Blends Both Spiritual And Artistic Excellence, Is Liturgical – It Is Sacred

All who participate in the liturgy are expected to sing. No doubt there are some Catholics who feel they don’t have a beautiful singing voice. Others may feel uncomfortable singing together. But the voices we have are gifts from God. God does not hold auditions for prayer: God simply asks us to use the voice he’s given us. When everyone sings, we can truly feel the power of the liturgy encircling the assembly.

We own it to ourselves and to one another to participate as fully as we can be. The General instruction of the Roman Missal gives clear and sound direction about the part that music must play. In our weekly celebration of the Eucharist.

In a poetic way, the instruction notes that the intense union between God and the church. The celebration of the Eucharist can be described as a union between lovers whose nature is best expressed in song. As we gather to hear God’s word, to eat the bread of life and drink from the cup of salvation, our prayer must reflect the joy and depth of this profound mystery of faith. In doing so, we can follow the instruction of saint Paul, who told the church to “sing together psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” as we wait for coming in glory of the one whose death we proclaim.

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