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Christians And The World Today. (Holiness)

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Christians And The World Today.

Christians And The World Today

In our world today, christian form a great majority. Men and women called to a life of holiness increase, yet, strangely vice in our days is on the ascendance. It begs the question, “is holiness possible in our world today”?

God who is holy calls us sinners through his son Jesus Christ to that holiness Despite our weaknesses and our shortfalls. Jesus who is the visible face of the invisible father has shown us the way to holiness by his earthly life.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta wrote that, “Holiness is not something extraordinary, it is not the luxury of the few. Holiness is a simple duty for each one of us”. This implies that God requires everyone to be holy. As Christians, following Christ demands proclaiming the gospel to those who have not yet heard the good news by our words and deeds so as to enable them also come and follow Christ in this holiness. Pope Benedict Xvi wrote that, in this modern world of rationalism, the world needs holy men to step forward. By this statement of the pope, it tells us that the world needs men who will stand by the truth and die for their faith. As Christians, we are supposed to be holy in order to attract people to God, in order for people to be able to taste the holiness of God through us.

Our call To Holiness

Sadly, today, Christians are involved in injustices that have cripple our world’s system of living. Corruption is everywhere and Christians are involve. It is inexplicable how immorality has become the order of the day. Same relations and marriage are not abominable anymore to some Christians but have been rationalize by them and seem to be so call ‘human right’. How then do we draw more souls for Christ? The joy is that, yes, there are still some Christians who strive for holiness and every day we have new saints. There are good Christians who sacrifice their time to help people, speak the truth always, and not just speak the truth always but defend it as well and pursue justice.

To be holy is not that simple and easy because we live in a world full of distraction, rationalism, materialism and individualism. In our world today, we need to put in a lot of effort if we want to be Holy, because holiness seems to be impossible though in fact it is not. Holiness is not imposiible because God will not ask us to do the impossible.

For us be Holy, we must strive every day to imitate Christ. We must;

*Be humble: humility is a hallmark of a holy person because it is out of humility that we can accept our weakness and work on them to become perfect. In humility we are able not to speak the truth but defend it as well.

*Demonstrate love: As humans we one way or the other offend each other. A man who desires holiness must always forgive people no matter how grave is it. By this we show great love to our brothers and sisters. We can also demonstrate love by practicing the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

*Mortify ourselves and renounce certain habits, temperaments and attitude: We must do away with negatives habits such as gossip, temperaments such as quick temper and attitudes such as carelessness. We can mortify ourselves by fasting and praying.

Holiness is not something extraordinary; It is not the luxury of few. Holiness is a simple duty for each one of us

Available ourselves to the grace of God: we must receive the sacraments, especially that of the Holy Eucharist, reconciliation, anointing of the sick as often as possible.

These we cannot do without faith, constant prayer and daily meditation on God’s word. These are very essential elements to achieving holiness for a man who desires to be perfect as the heavenly father is perfect and these are as well seen in the mission and life of Christ especially in the paschal mystery.

To conclude, our world today is crying for saints. A s a result, it dawns on us Christians of this generation to be an example of holiness and prove to the world that indeed there are holy people here in our world today. We don’t have to do anything extraordinary, we just have to do the ordinary things we do with sanctity and piety.

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