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The Highest Point Of Discernment Into The Sacred Priesthood/Religious Life

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The Highest Point Of Discernment Into The Sacred Priesthood/Religious Life

Highest Point Of Discernment Into The Sacred Priesthood

Highest Point Of Discernment, Men and women of today live in an age of discernment more than any other time in the history of the church. Though the word discernment is not explicitly mentioned in the old Testament, all people God called into His vineyard passed through discernment. Furthermore, from our first parents up to Noah, and down the lineage of Abraham to the judges, Kings, and prophets of Israel, Discernment was in Existence. They had to make a choice, by responding “Yes” or “No” to the call of God. And this called for proper discernment.

Discernment in general sense according to Monsignor Christopher “Is the process by which we seek to discover God’s will for us in the concrete life situations in which we find ourselves.” Thomas H. Green, S.j. In his book, weeds among the wheat says, “Discernment is the essential link between prayer and the active Christian life, the meeting point of prayer and apostolic action.” He add that, “In essence discernment is an art, not a science; it is learn by doing, by trial and error.”

When the news were broadcast among my friends that i left for the seminary to be form a catholic priest, some of them, especially the catholic, got encourage and ask me to pray for them to also join me one day. They normally say, “pray for me, I am still discerning.” My usual discerning.” My usual response to them is, “the ‘highest’ point of discernment is take the first step.

As mentioned earlier, “discernment is an art, not a science; it is learn by doing, by trial and error.” Discernment into the priesthood/Religious life needs an action, the first step, You don’t seat at one place and claim “I am still discerning”.

The focal point of discernment The Journey Of Miles

As the adage goes, “the journey of thousand miles begins with a step.” Abraham took this step and becomes the Father of faith. Every aspect of man’s life needs discernment. To be able to discover one’s divine purpose on earth it takes discernment. This divine purpose is the will because, the road to the will of God appears stony and thorny, difficult to accept, for it does not appeal to the senses. Walking on it appears impossible, This impossibility is as a result of the first step, which has not been taken.

No one can discern God’s will, unless the person who reaches the “highest” or focal point of discernment. The focal point of discernment is, action. The secret of this road that appears stony and thorny is in the first step. Brother/Sister, thank God you have taken the first step into the priesthood or religious life. And if you are still discerning, may you get to the focal point of your discernment process. The focal point of your discernment into the sacred priesthood or Religious life is the calling accordingly, your first step.

Like saint James i put it to you, show me how far you have gone in your discernment without the first step, and i will show you by the first step how far i have gone in my discernment. (cf.James 2:18)

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