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Dichotomy of souls, lord Jesus Christ And Blessed Mary

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Dichotomy of souls, lord Jesus Christ And Blessed Mary

Dichotomy of souls, Jesus Christ And Blessed Mary

Blessed Mary, the body in his relation to the soul is not just an instrument to the soul but a partner or participant. Everything done by soul is shared by the body. This explaains that as far as a container and the content are concerned, One cannot be important than the other.

For instance, using a mineral bottled water, “the water” cannot say that it is important than the bottle which contains it since without the bottle the water cannot be contained and would not have the name, bottled water. In the same way, the bottle cannot say it is important than the water it is containning since without the water, perhaps, the bottle would be redundant.

The view of Aristotle on the relationship between the body and the souls sounds convincing and his statement is sound. This view of Aristotle can equally be apply to the relationship between the blessed mary and her son-jesus. Arguing like plato, some believe that the mary is not important in the salvation history of man, hence the honour gives her is undeserving. They are of the view that jesus is jesus without the blessed mary.

The problem is whether one can describe, for instance, a bottled water without making reference to the bottled or one can talk about the orange seeds without making reference to the orange fruit, or whether one can make reference to a child without resorting to the parents. If this is possible, then the platonists do have a point else they do not.

Blessed Mary Contained Lord Jesus Christ

The blessed mary is the mother of Christ, the saviour. She is the container that contained jesus. She became the container in which the form of jesus was develope. Just like the soul in relation to the body: for God, a divine and immortal beings. He needed to assume a corporeal container was the blessed mary. The very acceptance to contain Christ makes her a co-saviour of humanity. This explains why she is termed as “co-redemptoris” (co-redeemer)

The honour due to blessed mary is befitting. Just as both the body and souls are important in the human person, so are jesus and mary in the salvation history of Humanity.

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