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All you Should Know About Mary Queen Of Heaven

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All you Should Know About Mary Queen Of Heaven

All About Mary Queen Of Heaven

Catholics honour Mary as Queen of heaven. Why is that? Does heaven need a queen? Is it safe to subscribe to such a belief? Does such a belief not raise Mary to the level of divinity? Is it even scriptural? The motif of this article is to aid readers who are in doubt to come to terms with the fact that Our Lady is indeed Queen of heaven.

Let me initially point out that it is unwise to dismiss this teaching of the church as untrue on the basis that it is not explicitly stated in scripture that mary is Queen of heaven! If we do, we might as well reject the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, which is a central mystery of the christian faith. The word trinity is not found in the bible, yet most christian denominations believe it.

Even though Mary is the mother of God/jesus, she is no deity, only one find favour with God and was so elevate. Mary is herself a beneficiary of that salvific enterprise christ undertook in the fullness of time. This being the case, she is not worthy of worship. However, she cannot be denied the honour that is due the mother of the saviour of the world.

Mary Appears in Heaven

According to st. john’s Apocalypse “a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars” (12:1-17).

Traditionally, this woman has been seen as mary, and her child, the saviour who will eventually rule the nations, that is jesus. Since Mary wore a crown of twelve stars, she was consequently call queen of Heaven by Church fathers. And so There are other reasons to warrant ascribing this lofty status to our blessed mother.

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