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The Disadvantage of Arranged Marriage

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The Disadvantage of Arranged Marriage

The Disadvantage of Arranged Marriage You Should Know

Arranged Marriage

The modern day opportunities of meeting people and dating games that have become part of our lives have created some complications for arranged marriage. While parents pretend not to know that their children are in one relationship or the other for a long time, they simply expect their children to marry whom they have arranged for them.

While the parents may have their way, there is hardly any deep seat affection between them in the marriage. They have bonded with another person long before their present imposed spouses and matters of the heart are usually delicate and difficult to do away with.

Since a woman usually marrries any man who is ready to marry her, there is no guaranty that she has forgotten her lover of many years whom she has beer forced to abandon to do parents wish.

Same goes for the man because there is a bond with another girl whom he has been refused marrying by over bearing parents. While they do parents wish they stay tuned to their heattrobs of the past.

God forbid that they have the slightest challenges in their marriages, the first port of call is the old flame. In a relationship passion is easily rekind and it takes the grace of God to prevent the havoc that is programme into the affair.

However, the trust in our society nowadays seem to be taking people back to the old bur unfamiliar road of arranged marriages which come with its own heavy price if not well managed.

There are many instances where the couples settle in well and we are happy but where there are hiccups, the throwback is always heavy.

When ever the word “treasure” is pronounced the mind of men often wanders only to material things:

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